The TolTEC Fields in Filaments Legacy Survey

All images credit: the Herschel Gould Belt Legacy Survey or the Herschel Hi-GAL Survey.

The TolTEC Fields in Filaments Working Group (FiF-WG) is a panel of experts working in the areas of interstellar magnetic fields and star formation research that is charged with helping the TolTEC team to plan our survey for maximum utility to the research community. Members of the FiF-WG recommended candidate targets, and the group pruned the list to the seven shown below.

Sky areas to be mapped polarimetrically are indicated below as rectangular areas superposed on ESA Herschel images. Mapping speed estimates will be uncertain by a factor of six until TolTEC is deployed to LMT, and the images below correspond to our plan for the case of fast mapping speed. Should it turn out that the mapping speed is near the lower end of the range, we will reduce the areas to be mapped and will drop one or two of the fainter targets from the list.